U.S. Women’s National Team Looks Hot While Supporting The Men

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This just in: Alex Morgan and Co. are hot. Of course, that’s something we all know very well. Anyway, she and some of her fellow teammates did not disappoint in their choice of attire while watching the U.S. Men’s National Team get some revenge on Ghana Monday night. (What kind of name is that anyway?) They brought out the heavy hitters by wearing America-themed tutus.

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The things I’m Ghana do to her.


I love you.


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They look like they could fit right in at any number of day parties. In fact, I’m sending an open invitation to these lovely ladies for my July 4 party, and asking they please show up dressed like that. God bless those legs and God bless America.

Images via Twitter, Instagram

  1. Chico Fratastic

    Am I the only one that got pissed they weren’t standing in proper red-white-blue order but quickly quit caring once I saw the pics..?

    10 years ago at 2:40 pm