Not being able to legally drink in the country I defend, but doing both with a smile. TFM.

    1. Charleston FratEN

      bubbahog are you fucking stupid? Oh lets wait for the terrorists to come to America and blow themselves up in crowds of people and then we will try them as American citizens.

      Haji Hazer is out there putting his fucking life on the line so your liberal American hating ass can actually live in peace so shut your fucking mouth with your stupid questions attempting to put down members of the greatest fighting force in the history of man.

      13 years ago at 8:39 pm
    2. bubbahog

      Iraq was completely unrelated to al Qaeda. Afganistan, yes. That was justified. Iraq however was a sovereign country that posed no threat to us that we illegally invaded and have occupied since, in the process ringing up a national debt that is at this point completely unserviceable and WILL lead to bankruptcy of this country. Just sayin’…

      13 years ago at 1:36 am
    3. Frattitude1880

      @bubbahog Eat shit, you liberal asshole. Their fucking immoral ragheads. Get off this site you tree-hugging, Al Gore-loving, Democratic Geed

      13 years ago at 12:41 am
    1. Fratman and Robin

      Keep annihilating those muslim motherfuckers? We kill insurgents, not muslims. Now if those insurgents happen to be muslim, then so be it. We don’t target muslims.

      13 years ago at 3:54 pm
  1. LiberalsAreGDIs

    Don’t give me that politically correct bullshit. They’re all Muslim. They’re Chechens, Russians, Chinese, Pakistani, Iranian motherfuckers who come to Afghanistan, join the Taliban and kill Americans.

    Fuck off. Why don’t you go campaigning for Barack Obama while you’re at it. If you haven’t noticed yet, the people who want to kill us all believe in Allah. Wake up bro, we aren’t fighting the Germans anymore, it has been a solid seventy years.

    13 years ago at 4:09 pm
    1. Fratman and Robin

      Yes but not all who believe in Islam want to kill us. A square is a rectangle but a rectangle is not always a square. BTW I’m in the Army so put your money where your mouth is tough guy.

      13 years ago at 5:45 pm
    2. stonewall_fratson

      Yeah “bro” we’re definitely fighting russians and chinese right now you dumbass fuck, get off this site, being an uneducated autistic moron, NF

      13 years ago at 7:45 pm
    3. The Piker

      The Taliban is almost exclusively Arab and Pakistani, while Al-Qaeda operates cells in a variety of countries. They are not the same. Learn the difference, Lib.

      13 years ago at 10:42 am
    1. The Piker

      I would agree with that, if it was not for the fact that the KKK falls into the category of Christian terrorism, and if we hadn’t had that whole Concerned Christians group deal, along with the many abortion-clinic bombings, which were terrorist actions for Christian ideals.

      13 years ago at 7:24 am
  2. Haji Hazer

    Always, just got home from Iraq actually, volunteered and now I’m headed to Afghanistan.

    13 years ago at 4:24 pm
  3. Tic Tack Frat

    How are you in the military and underage and posting a TFM? Dropping out of college NF. Although as a fellow soldier I appreciate your service.

    13 years ago at 5:25 pm
    1. Haji Hazer

      Yeah I am definatly not a drop out of anything, thanks for the accusation of being NF asshole.

      13 years ago at 5:56 pm
    2. SGT Fratastic

      Tic Tack, have you ever thought he may have graduated already? And why are you replying to a TFM? You are by no means frat and never will be. Haji Hazer, stay safe. I will be over there sometime next year.

      13 years ago at 8:14 pm
    3. Founding Fratter

      Let the man be. He’s doing something most of us pussies wouldn’t do so none of us have any room to talk.

      13 years ago at 9:06 pm
    4. Ice Man

      Tick Tack Frat is simply calling the man on his bluff. He’s just saying that its impossible to be in the military, to be a fraternity man, and to be under the age of 21. I applaud his service but agree with Tic Tack that he is lying to get something posted.

      13 years ago at 10:04 pm
    5. Frat Delta Theta

      Ice Man- There is a 20 year-old Marine in my fraternity. And he is still in school. So it is actually possible. Whether this guy actually is I don’t 100% know (I think he is though), but regardless I know there are likely a lot of people in this situation and for that I am thankful.

      13 years ago at 2:22 am
    6. Ice Man

      Frat Delta Theta, you can join the army/marines right outta high school at 18. With training (Basic+SOI+MOS for marines) and a year of combat tours in Iraq, that would put him at 20+, plus joining a university and pledging for 8-12 weeks, I am just saying it’s highly unlikely to be able to squeeze all that in under 21. No doubt I respect the mans service and awesome name, I’m just agreeing with Tick Tack.

      13 years ago at 8:31 am
    7. Frat Force

      Probably the same way I do it, he’s Guard/Reserve. And it’s easier than you think, military ID’s don’t get checked too closely

      13 years ago at 4:20 pm
    8. Fratman and Robin

      I’m 21 and have been in the Army reserves since my junior year of high school. Not impossible.

      13 years ago at 4:29 pm
  4. Luck Fibrals

    Someone buy this man a beer! Thank you sir for serving this country and protecting our freedom.

    13 years ago at 6:13 pm