Slampiece promised daily BJs if I could make it onto the TFM site...Say aah. TFM.

  1. Fratagonia

    You either have the slampiece with the lowest standards on earth or are the biggest geed on your campus. Getting “daily BJ’s” just because they want to and are done baking cookies. TFM.

    12 years ago at 6:07 pm
  2. fratlem brotrotters

    You should already be getting daily bjs you fuckin geed. We dont need to get on TFM to get a blow job

    12 years ago at 6:19 pm
  3. anonymous

    Noble Leslie DeVotie…
    You’re is a contraction for you are.
    your is correct in this context.
    Correcting someone when you’re the dumb fuck = NF

    12 years ago at 9:57 pm