My bro was worried that a girl didn't like him so I soothed him with these words of advice, "you're a junior in a frat, which means you are basically a god with a visor and an unlimited access to popularity...she wants you" TFM

    1. Kaydee

      Just because they are frat doesn’t mean they look good. Visors are not attractive at all guys…

      11 years ago at 6:36 am
    2. I have a pair in my Brotch

      Anyone who hates on a visor is not frat at all. Period. In fact, if you don’t wear a visor, you are a gdi in my eyes.

      11 years ago at 8:48 am
    3. Kaydee

      Well Mr. I have a pair…. Get a polo cap, it looks better and you look more like a man then you do with your precious visor. I promise. Most girls will agree. Just helping you out 🙂

      11 years ago at 9:06 am
    4. I have a pair in my Brotch

      I refuse to wear polo caps. Too many jeeds wear em. Nothing wrong with visors. If girls dont like them then so be it, ive never had a problem with it

      11 years ago at 10:54 am
  1. Hazesaraus Rex

    Fuck you GDI would you call your country a cunt? Its Fraternity not frat. Go kill yourself and do society a favor.

    11 years ago at 9:09 pm
    1. Frat

      The site is called totalFRATmove, if its that big of an issue for you find a new website, maybe try FML they seem to like GDI bitching such as yours

      11 years ago at 9:56 pm
    2. Ridin' fratty in the SEC

      In “total frat move” the word frat is used a a verb or adjective. It should NEVER be used as a noun

      11 years ago at 10:58 pm
    3. On the Atlantic Brocean

      fuck off with calling fraternities frat. that is so played out for no reason. Wouldn’t call a country a cunt? No I wouldn’t. I would call a whore a ho, a bicycle a bike, a god damn independent a GDI. Get off your fucking high horses and come back down to the real world.

      11 years ago at 6:56 am
    1. joke

      Dell’s are the frattiest computer around. Take your mac and your liberal ass back to california.

      11 years ago at 10:53 pm
    2. joseph brobles

      wrong. IBM think pads are with out a doubt the frattiest computer.

      Although I do admit that macs are for hippies.

      11 years ago at 11:20 pm
    3. Fratpack

      Macs are super fratty. The Mac CEO tries to ban porn and wont let anything onto his OS without his say so = conservative.

      Bill Gates is out in Africa trying to stop global warming and killing mosquitos.

      Anyone with a Dell, Thinkpad etc. WISHES they could afford a Fratbook Pro. Only laptop on the same level is the Sony Vaio Z series.

      11 years ago at 6:56 am
    1. I have a pair in my Brotch

      Ok one, its not sratty to elongate your words like a gdi. and two, if you think visors are ew, then go back to canada.

      11 years ago at 8:47 am