Not going to community college first. TFM.

  1. Oprah Is A Dyke

    How bout never going to community college. Your post implies that you go to community college second, which is even worse.

    13 years ago at 8:32 am
    1. PhiAlphaRaider

      implying that not everyone in a good fraternity isn’t at least upper-middle class?

      13 years ago at 8:57 am
    2. TexasFight22

      I’m pretty sure he means that just because its an upper-middle class move doesn’t mean its a TFM.

      13 years ago at 10:01 am
  2. Czar Nobama

    Even geed’s don’t go to community college before college let alone anybody I know. Congratulations you are just like 90% of college students, you want a cookie “fratstar”. Fucking pike.

    13 years ago at 10:06 am
    1. Bronan the Barbarian

      Pike is like the Dan Quayle of fraternities: always good for a laugh, but no one in their right mind takes them seriously.

      If half yall’s chapters nationally are like Maryland’s chapter, I legitimately feel bad for your national organization.

      13 years ago at 12:56 pm
  3. StayFrattyAlum

    Community college isn’t that where you go to become a line chef, or an electrician’s apprentice?

    13 years ago at 10:09 am
  4. FairfieldCountyCT

    might as well have posted “Skipping ITT Tech to go straight to an actual school, TFM. Also having eyes and legs, TFM.”

    13 years ago at 10:58 am
    1. IFWT

      Even a college without a Greek system? Literally impossible. I don’t know where you were trying to go with this…

      13 years ago at 5:49 pm