The 30-foot funnel...into the bouncy castle. TFM.

    1. floundersnu

      Well it happened one breezy summer day back in high school, junior year I believe. My neighbors rented a bouncy castle for their 6 year old son who’s birthday was that weekend. While he was at summer camp and the parents were at work, they asked me to make sure it got set up correctly by the jiggaboos they rented it from. By this time my ex and I were going to pound town pretty much every day. After the crimals left she decide it would be a good idea for her to jump naked in the bouncy castle (best idea ever). So then one thing lead to another and we did the horizontal shuffle.

      12 years ago at 7:30 am
  1. 4 Years and Counting

    All alpha sigs are geeds in letters. South shore of Long Island is NF.

    12 years ago at 5:33 pm