Walked in my 1:00pm class with a solo cup filled with crown and coke. TFM.

  1. Arnold Palmer

    So many things wrong with this comment.
    First of all, walking is for GDIs and bums. If someone already took the frat cart, at least catch a ride from a bro in his frathoe or bRover. If you are wanting to show off your FAF attire, do it on the way back to the fr√Ęteau by stopping by the strip for an afternoon pitcher.
    Second, Crown = Canadian = Non American = NF.
    Lastly, I understand the need to use the cup as a spitter during class so not having a tumbler can slide, but there is no excuse to not have a styrofoam cup with your CC logo on it.
    The only thing frat about this TFM is the time in which your class starts. And personally, I think 1pm is a bit early.

    Stay fratty my friends,


    14 years ago at 1:32 am
    1. southern belle

      He never mentioned how he transported to the building. He only stated that he “walked into class”.

      14 years ago at 11:14 am
  2. Fratasaurus Rex

    wow u spent a lot of time analyzing that comment…and I know when i drive to class i get out of my car and then WALK in…Im wondering what you do? Fucking skateboard? i hope not.

    14 years ago at 11:50 am