1. sratatat

      don’t be bitter, not everyone can be blessed with brains and beautiful blonde hair

      12 years ago at 9:09 am
    2. Stratty

      Tell that to the girl that does your hair. Brains and bottle blonde hair are easy, ya know easy like dumb blondes.

      12 years ago at 10:06 am
    1. KATstar


      Men prefer blondes, but Gentlemen prefer brunettes.

      Laura Bush, Nancy Reagan, Jackie Kennedy = Brunettes.

      12 years ago at 2:53 am
    2. sratstar

      Yea, KATstar, you’ve got the right idea. Blondes are ok for fun…but brunettes are the ones that matter.

      12 years ago at 2:56 am
  1. GPB

    Kennedy was also banging Marilyn Monroe. Sounds like the brunette just couldn’t satisfy. Blondes all the way.

    12 years ago at 8:32 am
    1. Noble Leslie DeVotie

      Did you miss the ‘blondes are ok for fun’ part? There’s a reason Kennedy never married Monroe.

      12 years ago at 10:36 am
  2. Frat Outa Hell

    The blondes disagreeing with this post are like a GDI disagreeing with anything on this site. You know damn well you’re wrong, and youre just wasting your time arguing.

    12 years ago at 9:50 am