University Of Arizona Kid Creates Alcohol Scholarship With Own Scholarship Money, Winner Has A+ Résumé


Jack Flynn is a student at the University of Arizona who sent in the below to our tip line.

Ran a alcohol scholarship on Twitter, winner gets free booze for a year on my tab.

We got the details from Jack.

The reason I did this, was I had a good friend of mine do it for me last year.. So this year, I got a good amount of money in scholarships from UA that left an extra 5 figures in my pocket, so o figured I’d give back and keep the thing going for another student!

I just posted it on my Twitter letting people know about it and saying that I required an essay. Got a good chunk of essays from a bunch of schools. ASU to UCLA to UF.

Being able to give out your own scholarship. TFM. I respect this kid’s hustle to start his own scholarship solely dedicated to letting someone else in the world rage on his (University of Arizona’s) dime. Not all heroes wear capes.

The winner? Here’s his résumé:


I didn’t even need to read his actual essay to know that this kid is the clear cut winner. Just look at all those credentials. He’s been crushing poon since his freshman year of high school while simultaneously taking straight Everclear shots for days. Were you doing that in high school? No, you weren’t.

That was just in high school, too. Kid has stepped his game up in college, clearly the result of joining a fraternity. You’ve gotta think that his potential will only lead to record-breaking results that we haven’t seen since the Wade Boggs era.

If there’s one kid in this country who would put this scholarship money to good use, it’s this guy.

  1. JohnnieWalker_Blue

    Shotgunning PBR is only acceptable at the following astroturf tee box of some shitty muni golf course when someone gets a birdie.

    8 years ago at 12:29 pm
  2. StockWithFrock

    Kappa Sig is the biggest group of tryhards at UF. You’d have done more good giving it to a pike or a fucking sig nu for christ’s sake.

    8 years ago at 1:27 pm
    1. dmb424

      Relax bro. The whole point of the competition was to act like a tryhard and he got free beer out of it. No need to put down the chapter

      8 years ago at 5:50 pm