"Taking a night off" from going out means smoking 60 dollars worth of pot with like 10 brothers at the frat castle. TFM

  1. 17" Fratbook Pro

    Weed is for poor people, hippies and minorities.

    The real TFM drug is coke.

    When did it become OK for Fraternity Brothers to smoke weed and think that it is fratty? Probably when shitty faux-feel-good-fraternities started letting in poor people, hippies and minorities.

    14 years ago at 5:17 pm
    1. Get Frat or Die Tryin

      I smoked weed my freshman year of high school. Grow up Will and graduate to Columbian bam bam.

      14 years ago at 5:55 pm
  2. Fratty Ice

    You split $60 worth of weed with 10 people? Cool. Do you return your cans when you’re done with them too?

    14 years ago at 5:26 pm
  3. Will

    No motherfuckers I smoke 60 bucks by myself, and we all have sacks. And yes I fucking blow down and generally party like a god-damn champion.

    14 years ago at 9:39 pm
    1. Arnold Palmer

      Hell yeah bro, you are so fratty. I can see it now… tebow jersey, cargos, flip flops, hair gel, spray tan, designer sunglasses at night, corona extra visor, 60 bucks of pot, and you blowing down. Go ice yourself “champ.” Total Florida Move

      14 years ago at 11:20 pm