Going into the Military. Dad showed his support yet again. TFM.

    1. Jim Bro Laws

      She honestly thought that disabling comments would stop me from saying she’s a butterface?

      13 years ago at 12:25 pm
    2. MM Sweetland

      Sad part is, the girl is probably in a decent house at her university and thinks she is hot shit. Girl is pretty busted.

      13 years ago at 9:35 pm
    1. CAptbap

      Cheez-It’s and Knob Creek go together like peanut butter and jelly… you should try it sometime!

      13 years ago at 4:22 pm
    1. James Parks Fratwell

      I retract my previous joke. I missed Aaron_Terhune’s post. My apologies.

      13 years ago at 1:00 pm
  1. Grill Master

    Military package store: tax free, tariff free, profit free. Best place to get booze in America.

    13 years ago at 8:50 am