1. Holy Broledo

    Ya’ll know how to sweep a woman off her feet. Which you will need to do, because any self-respecting female would not walk on that floor.

    9 years ago at 10:51 am
    1. fratanomics

      “self respecting” is the operative phrase there. Daddy issues exist for a reason.

      9 years ago at 12:25 pm
  2. TheWoolyGoat

    I’d bring the Asian chick from the above picture in here. Sideways vagina: the further she spreads, the tighter it gets.

    9 years ago at 11:04 am
    1. fratrickswayze

      She couldn’t hide under that bed; she never could have made that phone call.

      9 years ago at 5:41 pm
  3. Nitro Hazelton

    I think it’s where the pledges pass out, but rape-room is a solid guess also. We keep pledge mats in the laundary room.

    9 years ago at 12:03 pm
    1. No Knee Grows

      In this case I don’t think those two functions are mutually exclusive.

      9 years ago at 1:14 pm