That brother at the meeting that argues that stuff like throwing a barstool through a window is "part of our fraternity's tradition," and he shouldn't be held responsible for it. TFM.

  1. Teddy__Brosevelt

    It’s very true though.. as long as you’re not too poor to have it replaced.

    12 years ago at 10:22 am
  2. Wastern1855

    That is so funny that you have a brother that does stuff like that that would be so cool to do that

    12 years ago at 10:45 am
  3. Jon M Fratsman

    Throwing a barstool through a window. NF. Throwing a barstool through a pledge. FaF.

    12 years ago at 11:05 am
    1. PresidentReagan_

      ^ you cant correctly use the term “something was done here” so shut the fuck up

      12 years ago at 3:39 pm