Up To 50 Percent Off Rowdy Gentleman Products This Week Only

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If you couldn’t already tell from the third degree burns your hands suffered from grabbing your car’s steering wheel or the sweat-drenched peaches in your pants melting into the interior, we’re in the midst of the dog days of summer, and it’s fucking hot outside. This is usually when most clothing companies would try to sling their cold gear on the cheap. Nothing says July like an industrial strength space heating jacket that an entire family of eskimos could use as shelter to survive the harsh Arctic winters.

Luckily, Rowdy Gentleman isn’t most clothing companies. They’re currently having a monstrous week-long sale on clothes you’d pop on tomorrow. These aren’t just throw away products either. We’re talking about tank tops and tee shirts that feel like you’re laying on a cloud being rubbed down by a female masseuse in velvet gloves. Tone-setting swim trunks that show off both your patriotism for this great nation and the perfect amount of upper thigh for the ladies’ viewing pleasure. Hawaiians that breathe easy and will be a conversation piece no matter the occasion.

Today we have tank tops.

Pick Up Your Tanks Here

Here are some of our personal favorites.




The blowout sale on tanks ends at midnight today, but make sure to check out Rowdy Gentleman all week long as new merch goes on sale each day.

Get up to 50 percent off RG tank tops while you still can.

  1. realDonaldTrump

    Sad! Rowdy Gentleman is the corrupt special interest machine funding the campaign of failed Vice President Roger J Dorn. We will defeat him!

    8 years ago at 3:03 pm
    1. Remarkably.mediocre.white.guy

      I think youre guarenteed to win since most of Dorn’s targeted voters aren’t actually old enough to vote.

      8 years ago at 12:44 am
  2. Zinkyslinky

    They definitely pay people to up vote stuff on this site. How in the hell did this get over 500? Also, get rid of the wall

    8 years ago at 4:42 pm
    1. LeonardoDiFrattio

      They run the website… They don’t need to pay people to up vote, they tell they’re programmer “hey, make this say 500”

      8 years ago at 8:58 pm
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