Searching ebay for John Daly's pants. TFM.

  1. The most interesting frat star in the world But definitely not really that frat. More like obnoxious and stupid. Frat isn’t looking like a moron playing a game invented by gentlemen. Frat is looking like a badass on the course.

    Stay fratty my friends

    14 years ago at 6:50 am
  2. Docksider

    While John Daly is a complete animal, he is not frat. If you must draw attention to yourself on the golf course, please do it by blowing rails on the tee box. Not by looking like a GDI dooche. Don’t insult the true fratiness of a great gentleman’s game by looking like you belong on a public course. A real frat knows how to dress when he hits the links.

    14 years ago at 3:53 pm