UVA Basketball Player Arrested For Public Intoxication While Wearing Sweet Hawaiian Shirt

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In case you haven’t heard, the Hawaiian shirt is in–even though it was never really out. Men all over the country are donning their best Hawaiian shirts while raging during the days and nights, and the ladies love it. You’d be hard-pressed to find a girl who isn’t mesmerized by the different, colorful patterns.

The Hawaiian shirt lets everyone know you’re here to have a good time, get drunk, and that you couldn’t care less about what others think or about what happens. Evan Nolte, a junior basketball player at the University of Virginia, is one of those fine gentlemen who sports a Hawaiian shirt while drinking himself into oblivion. Unfortunately, the police played the role of buzzkill by arresting him for being drunk in public.

From Newsplex:

Virginia basketball player Evan Nolte has been charged with drunk in public by the Charlottesville Police Department.

According to a CPD spokesperson, the 20-year-old rising junior forward was arrested around 1 a.m. Sunday.

According to a police report, Nolte told an officer he had about 8 drinks.
Police say the officer tried to put Nolte into a taxi but Nolte got out of the car and ran. That’s when he was arrested.

You have to love how he straight up tried to bolt. The Hawaiian shirt is lightweight enough to make fleeing any scene fairly easy–you won’t find an athletic shirt at Nike or Under Armour that offers the same kind of versatility as the Hawaiian shirt. Keep on raging, Nolte. 


[via Newsplex]

    1. Tuco1855

      Subtle plug for the upcoming RG Hawaiian line. Gotta slowly build up the hype. Why else would there be a #YesAllMenWhoWearHawaiianShirts campaign?

      10 years ago at 2:10 pm
      1. BlutarskyTFM

        Not really. I started the #YesAllMenWhoWearHawaiianShirts movement because, I, being a frisionary (frat visionary), realized it’s what the people want. I never thought it’d get as popular as it did. That said, I have been pushing for the RG Hawaiian Collection. Being a contributing writer, I have absolutely no say in what Grandex does, but I have advised them it’d be the best business decision they’ve ever made.

        10 years ago at 7:44 pm
  1. Obamas a Geed

    “…While Wearing Sweet Hawaiian Shirt” First of all, you can’t even see the fucking shirt in that picture. Second of all, fuck you.

    10 years ago at 11:52 am
  2. The_Virginian

    Quote from police report “Police say the officer tried to put Nolte in a taxi but Nolte got out of the car and ran. That’s when he was arrested.”

    10 years ago at 12:44 pm
  3. TheWhiteDelegation

    Are we really gonna over-look the fact he got arrested after only 8 drinks?

    10 years ago at 12:31 am
  4. GoldenBear17

    How in the fuck is this worthy of an article where you can’t even see the shirt… Fuck you Boulevard I hope you lose your job. Piece of shit

    10 years ago at 4:24 pm