UVA Starting Hockey Goalie Gets Ejected From Season Opener For Chugging Beer During Timeout

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If you’ve never attended a club sport at your university, you’re doing yourself a serious disservice. Collegiate club sports are essentially intramurals on steroids. These kids had enough talent to play on an “academic” scholarship at a smaller, private DIII school, but passed it up in favor of a larger state institution and the more laid back, laissez faire, zero fucks environment of paying to be on the team.

Case in point: the University of Virginia’s season opener Friday night. After taking a 7-0 lead in the third period against in-state rival Virginia Commonwealth, UVA goalie, Jake Anderson, had a thirst that could not be quenched simply by the water atop of his net. Instead, he called for and caught a Keystone Light from his fraternity brothers in the stands, and pounded a pre-celebratory beer during a timeout for a job well done denying every puck that crossed his path.

Anderson was handed down a five minute major and ejected for this ruthless display of disrespect toward his opponents. Not that it mattered in regard to the game. UVA went on to continue the beatdown to the final tune of 10-1. But I still have a bone to pick with the refs. How are you going to toss my boy Jake here? This kid is dropping like $1,500 a semester to play the damn sport. He could fill that gatorade bottle of his full of hunch punch and it should not only be allowed, but encouraged. These guys aren’t destined for the NHL, they’ll be playing in the same local beer league for the next twenty or so years after graduation. Jake’s simply trying to adapt his game for the next level.

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  1. MattyIce313

    Sometimes a man just needs a beer, who are we to tel him no? Keep doing you, Jake

    5 years ago at 1:17 pm
      1. Wooderson007

        Dorn, you might not know this because you’re so old, but tang isn’t just a fruit-flavored beverage.

        5 years ago at 4:04 pm
      2. Henry_Eighth

        You mean when he said “Hi, boys, would you like to step into my van for some tang?” he wasn’t offering them a fruit-flavored beverage?

        5 years ago at 4:46 pm
      3. Bush Light

        As he nods his head, hands them a cup of tang and leads them up to his bedroom to bang.

        5 years ago at 5:32 pm
      1. Eddie Hazeaton

        I’ll see if I can borrow some from your mom while she’s doing my laundry

        5 years ago at 1:33 pm
      2. ChillwaterBroklahoma

        calling it now, devry guy is going to include this turnaround in best comments of the week.

        5 years ago at 5:18 pm
  2. FratInTheHat3

    He’s one of my pledge brothers and got the beer from another member of our PC. True brotherhood

    5 years ago at 1:20 pm
      1. 161

        Pretty sure he’s not. But good for you pretending to be part of a house you’re not in.

        5 years ago at 2:00 pm
      2. hoo123

        yeah this is definitely some random trying to get “points” on TFM. nice try fratinthehat3

        5 years ago at 4:59 pm
  3. Gentleman in Bauers

    ACHA hockey is the definition of living the dream and not giving a fuck

    5 years ago at 1:28 pm
    1. BarrysThoughts

      Personally not a fan. You know the hard hits these guys take? And playing intoxicated doesn’t exactly help you. Rethink your comment chief.

      5 years ago at 9:31 am
      1. Ruclus43082

        When there’s a drunk driving accident, who is the one who typically walks away I’m better shape, the intoxicated driver or the sober driver? Exactly, the intoxicated driver. So how is playing intoxicated not helping out? I’ve played in countless games where people are drinking between shifts and have never seen anyone get injured while doing this.

        It’s hockey, you’re supposed to play it with beer, man up.

        5 years ago at 10:51 pm
  4. 111bBricksquad

    Thankfully the five minute major was just enough time for a quickie with a nice coed.

    5 years ago at 1:33 pm
  5. SharkWeekTFM

    Shark Zen: Change just one bad habit for one new one. Rinse and Repeat next month. Don’t try to change everything at once.

    5 years ago at 3:10 pm