UVA Student Otto Warmbier Sentenced To 15 Years Of Hard Labor In North Korea


Otto Warmbier, the 21-year-old fuchsia pant-wearing UVA student and member of the Theta Chi fraternity who was mysteriously detained by North Korean officials in January, and who later confessed — possibly coerced — to stealing a politically propagandic poster from his hotel has now been sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in North Korea.

That’s 15 YEARS imprisonment and “hard labor” inside the most backwards nation on the planet for allegedly stealing a banner from a hotel. A BANNER.

From The New York Times:

An American student who tearfully apologized for trying to steal a political propaganda poster in his hotel in Pyongyang, the North Korean capital, was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor for subversion on Wednesday, news agencies reported.

The student, Otto F. Warmbier, 21, a University of Virginia undergraduate from Cincinnati, was convicted after a one-hour trial Wednesday morning at the country’s Supreme Court, according to The Associated Press, which has a bureau in Pyongyang.

Don’t try to wrap your head around the North Korean justice system because this story really is as ridiculous as it sounds. A trivial “crime” that gets you a stern talking-to by a guy in a cheap blazer and walkie-talkie in hand here in the U.S. gets you 15 years in shackles in North Korea. Just a really sad outcome and display of inhumanity.

I’m not too adept at the ins and out of international diplomacy so I don’t know what approach the United States government can and will take here, but we’re not just going to let Kim Jong-un and his goons pluck one of our college students out of line at the Pyongyang airport and imprison him for 15 years for taking a two-dollar poster from a hotel, are we?

And his gut-wrenching plea for forgiveness:

[via The New York Times]

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      1. GirthBrooks

        “Hey they can’t do that to our pledges! Only we can do that to our pledges!”

        8 years ago at 12:34 pm
    1. SemperFrat

      Or the fucking marines , that fat fuck Kim has some freedom coming his way I hope

      8 years ago at 1:28 pm
  1. Ranger Frat-PA

    Honestly it’s what you get for going to North Korea. why would anyone go there

    8 years ago at 10:08 am

        The question still stands, why would anyone in their right mind, take a fucking trip to North Korea?

        8 years ago at 10:19 am
  2. Probation Station

    This is literally some communist fucking bullshit AND I WILL NOT STAND FOR IT.

    8 years ago at 10:09 am
    1. I_win

      Considering it’s literally a communist country, no shit. And technically, standing could be considered a form of protest, soooooo…

      8 years ago at 10:25 am
      1. RisingFratstarOfTX

        Technically they run under the Juche Ideology, but considering the state of the country, my vote is that it’s just as bad.

        8 years ago at 11:22 am
      2. Probation Station

        Google says that is basically just a spin-off of Marxism and has evolved on its own since introduced (if Wikipedia is right) So you are right, but I guess all I got out of my search was that it’s their own version of communism. Thank you for teaching me something new, though.

        8 years ago at 11:30 am
      3. RisingFratstarOfTX

        All we really need to know is that their ass-backwards idiots and we smoke them in everything.

        8 years ago at 11:57 am
  3. AH-64smakehellalotmorefull

    Ah glad to see that North Korea still takes the cake for having the most batshit crazy dictatorship in the world. Let’s get this man out of there. I mean technically the Korean war is still going on right?

    8 years ago at 10:13 am
  4. Nintendbro 64

    Let this be a reminder to all prospective travelers, DON’T FUCKING GO TO NORTH KOREA

    8 years ago at 10:13 am
  5. Bush Light

    I get that he shouldn’t have been there in the first place, but watching the video of the Koreans taking him out of the courtroom and jerking him around showing disrespect should make any American’s blood boil. Fuck North Korea, you fucking posers.

    8 years ago at 10:14 am
  6. SoftAsPowder

    Ok yeah this is bullshit but honestly he knew he was in a county with a crazy fucked up government, why would you take any risk while staying in this piece of shit country. I hope we can get him back, but damn it was kind of a dumb move on his part.

    8 years ago at 10:14 am