Having your little bro send you skoal when studying abroad. TFM

  1. 17" Fratbook Pro

    Skoal is cool if you’re 15, can’t drive and think handjobs are the extent of exciting sexual activity.

    When you grow a pair, step up and get some Long Cut Copenhagen.

    14 years ago at 5:57 pm
    1. Old Money

      Or dip whatever you like because you don’t give a shit what ppl think about your dip of choice. TFM

      14 years ago at 8:06 pm
    2. 17" Fratbook Pro

      “Yeaaah maaan be freee! Do what you waaant!”

      Get that hippie GDI bullshit off of this website, GDI.

      14 years ago at 8:15 pm