VIDEO: A Furious UNC Villanova Fan Sucker Punched UNC’s Mascot In The Face After That Soul-Crushing Buzzer Beater

Watch the bottom left corner of the video. It takes a second for Rameses the Ram, who is sitting down when the video starts, to get up after Kris Jenkins murders North Carolina and uses their open grave as a toilet with what was arguably one of the two or three greatest shots in college basketball history. But when that poor kid in the Rameses costume finally does stand, he’s put right back on his ass by some unimaginably pissed off North Carolina fan.

Pretty dick move by this UNC fan, especially because he probably doesn’t even have drunkenness as an excuse to fall back on since they don’t serve booze at tournament games (except in suites). I mean, there’s no fan more dedicated to their school than the kid who hops inside a suit that smells like a decade’s worth of sweaty scrotums and dances around all game for the mild amusement of the fans. You’re going to punch that guy in the face? Even though the game was called pretty evenly (though not well, per se), I’m sure this guy was irrationally furious at the refs, too. Punch one of them, you pussy.

After getting punched, the mascot tries to get at the guy but he’s held back by the people around him. Too bad. I would’ve gladly watched this spoiled UNC twat get viciously beaten by a cadre of male cheerleaders and a guy dressed like livestock. At least the kid wasn’t the mascot for an SEC West team losing a football championship. Chances are he would’ve been stabbed and teabagged instead.


More video evidence has emerged. Originally it appeared that a person in Carolina blue took a swing at Rameses, the North Carolina mascot, after Villanova’s Kris Jenkins hit the championship winning buzzer beater at the end of regulation. Turns out, thanks to some crafty investigation by that I was in no way at all willing to do, the perpetrator was actually a Villanova fan who ran onto the floor, punched Rameses, and then took off across the court.

You have to wonder if this psycho was just sitting in the stands, waiting for his shot to deck North Carolina’s mascot. Considering this is a Philadelphia school we’re talking about, and to celebrate the championship another Villanova fan literally pooped in the street (NSFW), the answer is almost certainly yes.

[via Seth Davis,]

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