VIDEO: Guy Gets Arrested For Driving Drunk And Bribes Officer With Money And Beer


If I’ve learned anything from being in a fraternity it’s that when you’re already totally fucked, you might as well just go balls deep. Just commit to that lie and keep on trucking. If it doesn’t work, then there’s always bribery. It’s what the founding fathers would want after all.

That’s what this Georgia man tried to do after the cops pulled him over on the way back from the bars. He knows he’s about as likely to pass a sobriety test as I am to pass an engineering final, so he tried to bribe the officer with $400 cash. When that doesn’t work, the guy shrugs and offers to throw in some free beer.

I want to give this dude props for commitment, but literally two seconds later he breaks down like a bitch and begs the cops to take him in on “super-speeding” instead of a DUI. I guess he has some priors, so he can probably kiss his used Honda Civic goodbye.

Here’s the video. It’s worth a couple laughs.