VIDEO: Justin Thomas Demonstrates Just How Thick The Rough At This Year’s U.S. Open Will Be

Sweet Jesus. If you’re an amateur golfer like me who has trouble hitting a golf ball that’s literally been placed on a tee for me, this video will legitimately make you never want to play golf (read: repeatedly top a ball 400 yards down a fairway) ever again.

Rough short of 17 green… Yeah, I'd say Oakmont is ready 😳 @usopengolf

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My question is “how?” How are you supposed to find your ball? I’d probably look for about 15 seconds and then just take a drop. How are you supposed to get that ball out of there? Even with the most lofted club, I’d look like a mentally ill landscaper out there just hacking away at the ground if I attempted to get that ball back into the fairway. How are babies made? Seriously though, my mom never told me.

They’re going to need to take some very, very big divots to get those balls out of the rough this weekend. I can only hope Newman will be there to fix them.

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  1. NorthernKSGentleman

    I used to caddy at Oakmont. If you thought players bitched about the course last year, someone will leave the course in tears this year. If it stays dry the winner might not finish below even.

    8 years ago at 5:01 pm