VIDEO: Lil Dicky, Trinidad James, And Mystikal As Liquor Store Employees Is Next-Level Comedy

Try and tell me you wouldn’t love to have your fake ID confiscated by Lil Dicky at this fictional liquor store. You can’t. Who’s to say he’d even be the kind of cashier who’d confiscate? I like to think he’d be the chill cashier, like this guy, just wanting everyone to have a good time. That’s how he seems in this video, at least.

With L.D. the Jew Biz Major, Trinidad James, and Mystikal at the helm, every college student ever would never go to another booze shop again if this place actually existed.

I’ve actually been wondering what Mystikal has been up to lately, and I’m happy I finally got my answer: still living off his 2000 jam “Shake Ya Ass,” which is quite possibly the greatest rap song ever conceived.

“I came here with my dick in my hand. Don’t make me leave here with my foot in yo’ ass.”

Stay groovy, Mystikal.

[via Funny Or Die]

Image via Funny Or Die

  1. Luke_Fratwalker

    I wouldn’t love to have my fake ID confiscated by Lil Dicky at this fictional liquor store.

    8 years ago at 11:22 am
      1. Eugenicist at Large

        Any post pertaining to a young gentleman who survived Dorn’s nap time shenanigans at a local pre-school involving promises of ‘candy and pinatas plus Xbox one if you drink this delicious grape juice’.

        8 years ago at 1:35 pm
  2. Fraiking

    I know you identify with his nickname but that is no reason to constantly post articles about Lil Dicky

    8 years ago at 12:58 pm