VIDEO: Ohio State Reminds Michigan Football Who Daddy Is

Jim Harbaugh was asked “who’s got it better than us?” and fans of chief rival Ohio State answered emphatically:

The Buckeyes, who have defeated Michigan in 11 of the last 12 meetings, including a 42-13 thumping in Harbaugh’s inaugural season, start the season as the media favorite to win the Big Ten. The Wolverines are the preferred choice of the gamblers, however, with more total wagers on the Wolverines to win that national title than any other team.

Coach Harbaugh, when your school has lost 14 of its last 16 matchups with chief rivals Ohio state and Michigan state, has not won a conference title since the first term of George W, and is barely over .500 overall since I was in middle school, “who’s got it better than us?” is rhetorical. And not in the way you may think.

    1. Jim_Harbaugh

      Look up my (currently pregnant) wife and tell me again that I can’t finish. She’s a fox

      8 years ago at 10:22 am
  1. Bush Light

    I mean I get the hate because Michigan is coming out of arguably the worst 8 years in program history but to ignore the fact that they are back and will be dominant is just ignorant. The whole “beat OSU or MSU then talk” schtick is getting old too. This isn’t the same Michigan from the last decade and anyone with a brain should be able to see that. They will beat MSU this year and the OSU game will be a good one. Congrats, Spartans, you had your run against UM when you were at your highest and them at their lowest. (OSU has recently just run train on UM though in any regard.)

    8 years ago at 9:49 am
      1. Bush Light

        I mean, I’m not really talking I’m just stating facts. I’m sure they will beat one or both this year, seemingly contrary to ignorant opinion.

        8 years ago at 10:37 am
    1. _The_Godfather

      Heard a lot of that chirping during year 2 of the Hoke administration. How’d that end up?

      8 years ago at 11:26 am
      1. Bush Light

        Precisely my point, but apparently a lot of people can’t see that. Pretty unfortunate.

        8 years ago at 3:07 pm