Drunkenly throwing your dirty clothes in the toilet and pissing down the laundry chute. TFM.

    1. Fratom Bomb

      With a name like Sponge_bro Fratpants, it’s safe to say that you’re retarded sober.

      Getting retarded drunk. FaF

      13 years ago at 5:46 pm
    2. Buddy Wagnon

      When I go out at night I park in the handicapped spot because I’m getting retarded.

      13 years ago at 8:10 pm
    3. Sponge_bro Fratpants

      I never said I’m coordinated when I’m drunk, but I certainly don’t pull a Hellen Keller. I’m able to handle my shit. Being able to get hammered and still maintain class. FaF.

      13 years ago at 8:53 pm
    4. Keystoned

      Your name is deals with an animated cartoon directed at three year olds. You are either retarded for picking that name or are just plain clueless to how stupid that made you look, either way your name just screams GDI.

      13 years ago at 9:17 pm
    5. Sponge_bro Fratpants

      You’re an idiot. I picked a stupid name that if I’m being honest, I don’t even remember creating simply because it’s a name on a site. My day doesn’t revolve around how “frattastic” my online username is. People like you have to try to have the best name around so every can see how awesome you are, but if it’s not good enough you feel less cool. I have things going on outside this site, and frankly I’m disappointed in myself for investing even this 45 seconds of online hazing directed towards you. Caring too much, NF. Trying too hard, NF. Thus = You, NF. Please hit yourself in the face.

      13 years ago at 11:43 pm
    6. Tall and Stiff

      Fagpants, based on that response I’m going to have to say that you’re the one trying to hard….

      13 years ago at 12:08 am
    7. CPAsshole

      Sponge_bro Fratpants, clearly your life is superior to the other visitors of this site and is unparalleled by anything that I have ever done until this point, but I have one question. If your life does not revolve around this meaningless site, how come you have commented three times in a seven hour span attempting to protect your integrity? Just food for thought.

      13 years ago at 5:53 am
    8. Gary__Fratterson

      Spounge_bro…. You are retarded. It’s not that other people on this site are trying harder to have better names, it’s that because were FaF we don’t have to spend twenty minutes thinking of a genius name. If you were half a man or half as frat as me, you would be able to think of something brilliant on the first try too. Man up, quit drinking bud light lime, and learn how to take your bruises if you make retarded life decisions.

      13 years ago at 9:11 am
    9. Sponge_bro Fratpants

      Just as I stated before, I don’t even remember creating this name. But even though I did, my life will go on without having to go through creating another name. And also, I didn’t say my life was superior to everyone’s, just the one guy who tried desperately to insult me but failed as if it was fucking Friday or something. And yes, this is now my fourth or so comment on one post, the most I’ve ever done. But it doesn’t matter, your mom still wants my dick. So I’m doing something right. And to solve the math question, 2 NF’s does not equal F. It equals 2NF. Now he just has an NF lifestyle with an even larger coefficient.

      13 years ago at 11:17 am
    10. Fratastic IV

      You don’t remember creating the name because it was actually your 11 year old brother. And yes, he frats harder than you do. And what if N=1/2? And F= the size of my penis. That would make your penis NF. And my penis is 2NF, which also equals frat.

      13 years ago at 11:41 am
    11. Sponge_bro Fratpants

      Okay bro, you’re too frat for me. I’m off to the Fratty Patty with my boy Patrick Fratstar and my slam Sandy Cheeks.

      13 years ago at 1:16 pm
    12. Keystoned

      I believe the only “online hazing” being done here is to you. If you had just kept your simple minded thoughts to yourself and didn’t try so hard with your original comment you wouldn’t be getting ripped so bad. How is becoming retarded when your drunk NF? Have you ever heard the phrase shit happens when your drunk? I think the majority of people here including yourself have multiple times gotten drunk and done something incredible stupid or retarded that ended up being funny as fuck or good story. If you haven’t then I pity you for being so sheltered and maybe you aren’t as “cool” or as “frat” as you make yourself out to be. Either way go do us all a favor and drink some bleach

      13 years ago at 7:44 pm
  1. GoldCupFrat

    Reading a TFM and not caring to have a response because it’s for entertainment. TFTC?

    13 years ago at 7:46 pm