Working in a government office watching the PGA championship online. TFM.

    1. Brobel Peace Prize

      To chicago-bro, not true – when you already have ass loads of money why not take a job where you get to push the button that kills towel heads?

      14 years ago at 8:39 am
  1. The Fratipalist

    You went to Va Tech and work for the government? Sounds like the pathetic life of a poor GDI. I’m sorry your parents couldn’t afford to send you to an SEC school. Then, you might not be working for Barack Obama, GDI.

    14 years ago at 11:33 am
    1. TG

      ..because SEC is so expensive? seems like poors are trying to one up each other. My primary education cost more than your tuition.

      14 years ago at 12:30 pm
    2. The Fratipalist

      Out of state is expensive. You go to Va Tech if you’re in Virginia and can’t get into UVa, and can’t afford out of state.

      14 years ago at 1:24 pm