My 7 year old brother knows every word to Wagon Wheel. TFM.

  1. shitto

    “You better know every fucking word to this song or I’m going to get the rubber hose.”

    13 years ago at 5:11 pm
  2. Damn Right

    Im headin down mouths to the land of the fine and stumbling my way in to the Carolinas, Starin at the road and todays the day I see bedtimes. Ive drank some colas in 17 hours, pickin my a bouque of my daughters flowers and Im a hopin for Raleigh I can see my baby tonight!

    I do too

    13 years ago at 5:56 pm
  3. Fratent Pending

    Bro, did you hear that was rated as the number one blackout sing-a-long on TFM? Did you also watch Jimmy Tatro’s second FRAT video?

    13 years ago at 6:03 pm
  4. IFWT

    Did your brother have a birthday party recently at a mini golf course where one of his friends brought his own putter?

    13 years ago at 6:23 pm
    1. ksig565

      no, no, no… this is the kid who had his mom called to school because he made fun of a kid in cargos.

      13 years ago at 9:51 pm
    2. Constantine Chapter

      His little brother wears justin ropers with wranglers, brooks brothers country club edition polos, and a rolex Datejust. He gets so many valentines from little girls that its fucking fradicoulous and he calls all of them slampieces. He called the 2nd grade teacher a fucking geed because she made them study Charles Darwin. He pisses on the floor causes its FAF and rides a red bike that is cooler than the rest of the kids.

      13 years ago at 3:00 pm