Wake Forest Student Verbally DESTROYS Cop, Full Exchange Documented In Unreal Police Report


If this exchange between a Wake Forest University student and a campus police officer had been video recorded instead of merely transcribed, there’s a good chance that this name-redacted WFU student would’ve become the new UCONN mac and cheese kid. Sadly, it was not. But at least we have the police report.


Kudos to the officer for continuing to write down each and every insult as they came flying out of the student’s mouth. That must’ve taken some intense focus. I’d be too busy texting my mommy asking her what to do when the mean boy makes me feel brain boo boos to have the presence of mind to document this guy’s verbal barrage. Not this guy, though. He’s campus PD. He’s heard it all. Whether it be his dad constantly asking him when he’s finally gonna catch some “real criminals” or his kids being so embarrassed of his line of work that they opt to have Mom tag along for “Bring Your Parent To School Day” to talk about her job even though she’s a housewife, he’s prepared for these kinds of insults. Good man.

In all seriousness, this kid’s a fucking tool. The cop just intervened to make sure he didn’t cause any extra trouble and Douchey McGee went full scorched earth on him. This guy seems like a pretty chill dude too, as far as cops go. Go easy on him next time, Tiger.

This was definitely the most brutal insult:

Mr. (name redacted) also advised me that he was going to sue the fuck out of me and that I was a fat police officer and that I was fucked. Mr. (name redacted) also advised me that I was a fat fuck and was going to die early. Mr. (name redacted) referred to me as a faggot on numerous occasions. Mr. (name redacted) stated that he regretted saying those things to me but moments later started call [sic] me fat again.

“You’re so fucked, you fat faggot. Have fun having your kids attend your funeral! Sorry, man. I didn’t mean it. Just kidding, fatty!!!”

Ouch. Low blow, asshole.

  1. Drunk Chris Berman

    To be fair, if you’re a campus police officer and that’s the best you can do, you have this coming

    8 years ago at 12:23 pm
    1. thadcastle2

      In his possible defense, every older campus police officer that I’ve spoken to is usually a retired police officer from either an actual local or state department and just wanted to continue making money in an easier environment at their age. Also in my state campus police officers have to go to the same municipal academy as every other local department so they have the same academy training but not the same field training obviously

      8 years ago at 4:01 pm
      1. Runk1855

        In main varieties of English, spelt and spelled both work as the past tense and past participle of spell, at least where spell means to form words letter by letter.

        TL;DR- Go fuck yourself

        8 years ago at 5:59 pm
    1. Lyndons Johnson

      Are you asking us if you would give him a bid? Or are you so unsure of yourself that you have to ask?

      8 years ago at 1:55 pm
  2. joe321123

    That kid would’ve been arrested for violating that cops safe space here at Mizzou

    8 years ago at 12:55 pm
  3. KAcasual

    I don’t know, campus PD at my college are often vets or people working towards grad degrees. This cop seems like a pretty big bro for not causing the kid any trouble and making sure he’s alright before he fought a cabbie.

    8 years ago at 12:57 pm
  4. Frat----

    Police officers don’t get the credit they deserve. Even campus officers. Fuck this guy for being an asshole to an officer

    8 years ago at 1:08 pm
  5. JohnnieWalker_Blue

    I applaud this cop. Could’ve Fucked this guy’s life for being blacked out. Honestly, I probably would have.

    8 years ago at 2:57 pm
  6. Scrods_McGee69

    How did this kid not get arrested? He should buy a lotto ticket. Especially considering he was about to fight a cabbie over $5. Could probably use the money.

    8 years ago at 3:00 pm
  7. pabloescobar2D

    I go to Wake and I garauntee they’ll try to suspend him. He’ll get out of it either by having his parents argue with the dean or by claiming he’s an alcoholic. Wakes completely fucked with alcohol punishments… I had to go to AA to avoid suspension after I got caught drinking 3 fucking times

    8 years ago at 3:16 pm
    1. Gun_Slinger

      The mandated you go to AA? How do they know if you are there or not, isn’t it anonymous?

      8 years ago at 3:38 pm
      1. Peter Griffin

        When I had to do it they said alcohol abuse therapy and my options were AA or a real therapist. I chose AA and they can check if you’re there but they’re not supposed to listen in on anything anyone says if they’re not also an alcoholic.

        8 years ago at 4:45 pm
      2. ijustcameheretofrat

        Those types of meetings are referred to as closed, they’re in place solely for people that want to change or say they do. Open meetings are for anyone with an interest in what it is.

        8 years ago at 11:00 pm