Watch Justin Bieber Get Wrecked In A Fist Fight After Game 3 Of The NBA Finals

  1. idrinkmorethanu

    snaking someone then getting dropped is a tfm. usually with gorillas I’d say fuck it no way so I think he’s cooking. no homo

    8 years ago at 2:52 pm
  2. That drunk brother

    You know…this intern isn’t so bad. He’s kinda like stepping in old dry dog shit as opposed to fresh moist dog shit bad.

    8 years ago at 3:13 pm
    1. 1_Rugey_Jentelman

      It’s a bit different when you have an entourage expected (paid) to jump in after you throw the first punch. Biebs is a pussy, especially considering this his performance after boxing training.

      8 years ago at 7:41 pm