Watch Live: Crazy Man About to Free Fall From Space

Felix Baumgartner is the name of the crazy asshole trying to jump from a stratospheric balloon 120,000 feet above earth to attempt to break the speed of sound in free fall. And as far as I can tell, this stunt is being performed only to sling some Red Bull. Fucking energy drinks are serious business.

His blood could boil. His lungs could overinflate. The vessels in his brain could burst. His eyes could hemorrhage. And, yes, he could break his neck while jumping from a mind-boggling altitude of 23 miles (37 kilometers).
But the risk of a gruesome death has never stopped “Fearless Felix” Baumgartner in all his years of skydiving and skyscraper leaping, and it’s not about to now.

Update: Looks like Fearless Felix’s likely plummet to death will be delayed until tomorrow.

Click play to watch live:

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    1. FratMuscle

      He jumped at 19 miles, not 23, and did not attempt to break the sound barrier like Baumgartner is attempting.

      12 years ago at 4:20 pm