1. Fraddington_bear

      File a civil suit requesting damages due to lack of material honesty on the part of the TFM staff. In setting a reasonable expectation for quivering of your scrote, TFM is hereby responsible for any emotional distress or lost wages caused by lack of scrotal quivering.

      8 years ago at 3:53 pm
    2. James Grossweiner

      It made Dorn’s scrote quiver more than a 12 year old boy. That’s saying something

      8 years ago at 3:58 pm
  1. HiSchoolFr@er

    What’s the big deal?? I could longboard down that hill while shotgunning a Mountain Dew. Paraskiing, NF.

    8 years ago at 5:41 pm
  2. Fratrick Henry III

    FMK with the TFM writers, F and K are reserved for Boosh. Best writer by far. More cushion for the pushin’. No homo. Kill the rest. Not sure how, but TFM.

    8 years ago at 7:22 pm
    1. Fratrick Henry III

      *F (fuck) and M (marry). Screw you iPhone keyboard and TFM app. Don’t type the wrong letter or let me edit my goddamn comment.

      8 years ago at 7:24 pm
  3. TucosMomsAWhore

    Not as hard as my scrote quivered while I was watching CLEEMPZZZZAAANNN get fucking merked by Alabama back in January

    8 years ago at 1:39 am