We May Have Found The Biggest Sociopath On Tinder

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As you can imagine, I have sorted through thousands upon thousands of Tinder conversations as the founder and curator of the 87-parts-and-counting “Ridiculous Tinder Pickup Lines” series. None of these conversations, however, have been as bizarre, creepy, and fucked-up as the one some psycho named Mitchell had with a girl named Kaitlyn.




How can you not be, Kaitlyn?

Image via YouTube

    1. Saint FratricksDay

      Ya I’m not really falling for this whole “Mitchel” bullshit, that’s probably Dorn catfishing again

      8 years ago at 6:49 pm
  1. HighHorseRights

    When he said the girl name, Kaitlyn, it made me cringe like having student college loans.

    8 years ago at 3:59 pm