Whataburger To Begin Selling Its Honey Butter and Breakfast Sausage In Stores


Whataburger is, without a doubt, the best fast food chain in the state of Texas, perhaps America. If you have never had the pleasure of biting into any of their delicious meals, weep for what your mouth is missing. As a native Texan, I have spent more money on Whataburger than on my textbooks. The honey butter, which is used for Whataburger’s famous Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit, is so addictive it’s basically heroin in condiment form. Now that the sauce will be sold in grocery stores, I know with certainty what I’m spending a shameful portion of my next paycheck on. Plus, there is more good news for Whataburger lovers. Along with the honey butter sauce being made available, their premium pork sausage will be sold as well. Yeah, my mouth is watering right now. These two heavenly products will be sold in the H.E.B. and Central Market refrigerated sections throughout Texas.

This is a business slam-dunk for Whataburger. “We’ve heard loud and clear from our customers, especially on social media, they love the Honey Butter and wanted us to bottle it,” said Senior Vice President of Whataburger Retail Dino Del Nano. Good call Mr. Nano. You are a true businessman. You listen to your customers and deliver what they want. The only downside to all this is the now inevitable early onset of heart disease I face. Worth it.

[via Eater]

  1. Fratimal House

    Had Whataburger one time in South Padre, dear lord we need that shit up North.

    10 years ago at 7:32 pm