Woman at Notre Dame Tailgate Gets Bottom Row of Teeth Knocked Out by Case of Natty Light

A few Notre Dame fans are really fired up about the Fighting Irish’s 4-0 start and top 10 national ranking (AP). It’s been a while since they’ve had some football to get excited about, so it’s only natural that they don’t remember how to handle it. Some misplaced excitement reared its ugly head on Saturday.

One woman got mixed up with the wrong crowd during a tailgate before the Michigan game on Saturday, and she has a missing bottom set of teeth to show for it.

The man on the ground had severe facial and upper body wounds. According to police, both men said they were hit by a car, but police have not confirmed that. Investigators say it’s possible that is a story to cover-up a fight.

While police were talking to the men, a woman approached officers and said she’d been hit in the face with a case of Natural Light Beer. The woman had very visible wounds, most profound, her entire bottom row of teeth were missing.

Calm down, guys. It’s only game 4. I know you’re trying to capitalize on the excitement of an undefeated season before you piss it away, but slinging Natty racks at girls’ faces is no way to go about it.



  1. cleavage

    She just wanted to celebrate Notre Dame tradition by speaking with a Lou Holtz lisp.

    12 years ago at 8:09 pm