WVU Fraternity Member Leaves Restaurant Job After Just 12 Hours, Former Boss Mocks Him On Restaurant’s Twitter Account

There is an absolutely bizarre situation going on up in Morgantown right now. We received this great campus news tip via our toll-free hotline number (800-392-6344). Receiving awesome news tips from your respective campuses is one of the main reasons we set up the hotline, though most of the submissions sound a little more like this.

According to an anonymous tipster, a member of West Virginia University’s Pi Kappa Phi chapter, Walter, got a job at SandwichU, a late-night sandwich joint in Morgantown. Apparently, the job didn’t work out — so much so that Walter left after only working there for 12 hours. It’s unclear whether he was fired or if he quit, but sources claim it was caused by a dispute between Walter and the store’s owner. SandwichU’s owner claims that ever since Walter left, Walter and his Pi Kapp brothers have been criminally harassing him at his store by repeatedly loitering outside his property.

The store owner comes out with his first accusation of harassment on November 15, when he calls out Walter, whom he refers to from here on out as “Salty Walty” (the owner believes Walter is salty because the job didn’t work out), for allegedly walking by the business and bullying him. Keep in mind that all of these tweets are being fired out from the company Twitter account, which has 2,450 followers (your boy included).

Apparently, to SandwichU’s owner, dealing with somebody for harassment “accordingly” involves publicly shaming them on Twitter.


SandwichU’s owner also put up a photo of Walter in the store.

As you can imagine, Walter did not take too kindly to being publicly mocked in one of the most popular drunk food restaurants in town.

Damn, this guy’s pissed now! Let’s see what else he comes up with.

The next day, the owner got into a few back-and-forths on Twitter.

One of these was with a member of WVU Pi Kapp. He handled it very professionally.

He sent out an update to his Twitter followers later that day.

The account didn’t mention the issue again until December 4.

Wait, you’re telling me that these guys waited in line to buy food from you last Wednesday??? That’s not me being sarcastic; I actually have no idea what the hell “Wed they all stood in line for 1/2 sandwiches” means or where the harassment comes into play. Were the sandwiches half-off? Were they 1/2 sandwiches? Were they not supposed to stand in line? So many questions that proper tweeting skills could have avoided.

That night, SandwichU’s owner went on a spree, posting photos and videos of what he claims is the Pi Kapps’ harassment.

Now this is where the story gets even funnier. There is an ATM right outside the clear glass window next to SandwichU’s cash register, and it appears as if the owner of SandwichU assumes every guy who uses it is a Pi Kapp harassing him.

It’s very possible that the students who the man is photographing are people who have already harassed him, and that’s why he’s taking their picture. A photo of someone using an ATM with no caption doesn’t exactly portray that, though.

Judging by some of the videos the shop owner is posting, it appears as if there may be some harassment taking place. Do I know that all those that the owner claims are harassing him are WVU Pi Kapps? I have no clue. Does he know? I also am not sure. One thing I do know, though, is that the store’s owner is calling it harassment any time a WVU Pi Kapp comes around his store. This video, which shows the store’s owner telling Ryan, a WVU Pi Kapp alumnus who was back visiting Morgantown, to stop harassing him, serves as good evidence for that.

Look how clueless Ryan looks. Hilarious. He’s just standing there with a look on his face like “uh… why the fuck is this restaurant employee filming me?” One of Ryan’s friends tagged him in a reply to the video, and Ryan responds by explaining that he was just trying to use the ATM.

I can see where sandwich man is coming from, to a degree. SandwichU’s owner isn’t completely wrong to assume that the people using the ATM are fraternity members. It is only a stereotype that all fraternity members have money, and thus need to use an ATM to access it, but more times than not it’s actually true. Assuming they’re all Pi Kapps, though? You lost me, pal.

In all seriousness, if some of the WVU Pi Kapps actually are harassing SandwichU, that’s not cool. The man, as terrible at using Twitter marketing to help his business as he is, is just trying to earn a living. While you can fault him for a lot of the things he’s done, don’t fault him for not wanting to feel intimidated at his place of business. Make sure you are 100 percent sure you’re dealing with the right people before you start pointing fingers, though, sandwich man.

WVU’s final day of classes for the semester is today. I wonder if this feud will fizzle out over finals week and the winter break, or if the winter hibernation will fuel the fire — only time will tell.

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    1. WillytheWildFrat

      I was thinking the same thing when he was complaining they came in to buy sandwiches

      5 years ago at 10:45 am
  1. Rush765

    All those guys in the videos are WVU pi kaps lmao and yes a majority of pi kaps, and students in general, at Wvu are from Jersey/New York.

    5 years ago at 10:51 am
  2. BasementTears

    These are WVU Pi Kapps. The kid saying there was a pube in his sandwich is as well. The half sandwiches are free sometimes I assume thats what the owner was referencing. Also the ATM is across a small parking lot.

    5 years ago at 10:56 am
  3. CommCollege69

    Owner has a point but is punching himself in the nuts by unprofessionably tweeting about the situation and accusing anyone and everyone. Brothers should agree to stay away or act civilized (I know it’s hard at WVU), in exchange for the owner taking the kid’s picture down and refraining from tweeting anything else.

    5 years ago at 10:57 am
  4. Lake Erie Fracht Club

    TFM, If there’s a first car I’m going to buy it’s not going to be a Buick, and if there’s an app I’m going to download it’s not going to be first strike.

    5 years ago at 11:33 am