Rolling Stone Column Reveals Disturbing Rape Culture At UVA, Phi Psi House Attacked In Protest

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A disturbing article recalling an alleged rape at the beginning of the 2012 school year was released Wednesday by Rolling Stone. The article detailed an incident that occurred in the University of Virginia’s Phi Kappa Psi house during a party.

The victim, Jackie, claims to have been gang-raped by several Phi Psi members and pledges.

From Rolling Stone:

Jackie was just starting her freshman year at the University of Virginia when she was brutally assaulted by seven men at a frat party. When she tried to hold them accountable, a whole new kind of abuse began.

The column describes the adversity she faced following the attack, along with pressure from friends and, seemingly, UVA to stay quiet and avoid making the situation public. Obviously, Jackie’s story didn’t sit well with some people, and the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity has been under siege since the story’s release.

Early this morning, the vandalism began, as “protestors” threw cinderblocks through the Phi Psi house’s windows. They followed their destruction with several spray-painted messages around the walls of the house.

The vandalism has caused the university to station police officers outside of the house to deter any further defacement of the house.

The national fraternity issued a press release on Facebook Wednesday that stated it is aware of the situation and is investigating all allegations. The Facebook post triggered a string of illogical, generalized rants against the fraternity.

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Earlier today, the UVA chapter voluntarily suspended its Fraternal Organization Agreement, and it will cease all activities for the time being.

[via Rolling Stone]

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  1. GeorgeH31

    So let me get this straight there was a rape inside the house in 2012 and it’s now just coming out?

    6 years ago at 4:12 pm
  2. SNUBonny

    While I don’t condone the vandalism, go rape a sock if you’re that bad at getting laid.

    6 years ago at 4:13 pm
  3. RogerSterlingJr

    Nothing like idiot student activists. Way to address the real problem here…

    6 years ago at 4:14 pm
    1. Shibby

      I hope that justice will prevail and if there are any guilty parties they are swiftly punished. However, Isaiah Lester sounds like a Douche who didn’t get a bid. I think his brother Mel is the real culprit here.

      6 years ago at 4:30 pm
  4. notpreppyfratty

    Isaiah lesters Facebook post was the most ignorant statement I’ve ever read. Thomas Jefferson wrote the constitution you fuck. Let the justice system do its fucking job

    6 years ago at 4:16 pm
  5. GG-Allin

    Fuck the rolling stone. Remember this is the magazine that featured the Boston Bomber on their cover. Just another liberal piece of trash looking for any reason to stir up some crazy response

    6 years ago at 4:17 pm
    1. TheActivesArePissed

      I agree, the article is biased. But if these 7 assholes hadn’t gang raped a girl, there would be no article. We need to blame these shitheads for giving fraternities a bad name, not the people who report it.

      6 years ago at 6:03 pm
      1. bignasty

        *Hadn’t been accused of rape
        This is America, innocent until proven guilty.

        6 years ago at 8:57 pm
      2. Lena Dunham TfeministM

        We can’t let pesky little things like DUE PROCESS get in the way of Social Justice!

        6 years ago at 6:43 am
      3. AnalOnFirstDate

        Don’t you think it’s a little convenient that the “victim” waited until all the evidence of the crime had disappeared to make her allegation? The her-friends-talked-her-out-of-calling-the-police story is horseshit. If I were gang raped, the first call I make would be to the police. With a bloody face, broken table, and dna from the attackers the case would have been unlosable. The idea that people would dislike her for making the accusation is completely fucking retarded. As you can see from the vandals attacking the fraternity house, most people would be arduously in support of her.

        She didn’t call the police because the rape didn’t happen. End of story.

        6 years ago at 9:33 pm
  6. Whiskey_Ginger

    I don’t care if this is our second oldest chapter. These assholes need to go. I don’t want to share letters with the kinds of guys that gang rape women.

    6 years ago at 4:17 pm
    1. BrooksBrosFunShirt

      America functions on an “innocent until proven guilty” standard. I will never condone rape, but we must be sure that they are actually guilty before we dispense punishment. A major problem America currently has is false rape accusations, I had a buddy who’s life was nearly ruined by one. I’m waiting on the verdict before I address these claims, and so should you.

      6 years ago at 5:49 pm
      1. Letter of my Law

        Studies and published academic works demonstrate that the American public is reactionary; we jump to conclusions and appoint a scapegoat. Same thing happened in Ferguson, and now people, aside from the entrenched, are jumping ship in favor of Officer Wilson. It sucks, but you can’t tell Americans to stop and think critically and expect them all to do it. Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t. But let’s wait for all the facts and narratives before we say shit.

        6 years ago at 6:02 pm
      2. Sleazy Asshole

        Exactly. White knights jumping to the conclusion and defending these women is just as part of the problem as false accusations are. There is absolutely no evidence here to support the fact that she was “brutally assaulted by seven men at a frat party.” I mean do y’all really believe that? I think someone would have said we shouldn’t do this, or someone would see and stop the whole thing. I sincerely apologize if it actually happened, because that would be terrible, but false rape accusations are a huge problem in this country and men need to question these just like any other crime, lest people’s lives get ruined over something they didn’t do.

        6 years ago at 6:04 pm
      3. Conrad the Constitution

        I learned about ROK from a comment you once made in the f.o.r.u.m.

        6 years ago at 7:16 pm
      4. Sleazy Asshole

        You’re welcome. People that frequent this website would enjoy it. It’s a less depressing PGP.

        6 years ago at 7:19 pm
      5. FriggidaFriggidaFriggidaFratDaddy

        You do realize that false rape accusations account for less than 8% of accusations. And 8% is on the high end; most estimates are much lower than that. Don’t get me wrong, people who falsely accuse others of rape are despicable human beings, not just because they ruin the lives of innocent people, but because they validate victim blamers’ arguments. However, it speaks volumes about your moral convictions when you immediately defend accused rapists based on statistically unfounded theories, rather than mustering up an ounce of sympathy for the alleged victim. I don’t agree with the vigilantes vandalizing their frat house before a verdict has been reached. I don’t think those guys should be attacked…yet, but empathizing with the victim should be your first priority if you’re a decent human being.

        6 years ago at 9:20 am
      6. Sleazy Asshole

        1. I’m not defending them, I’m simply saying don’t accuse someone based on a story with zero evidence.
        2. You cannot treat “percentage of reports that were found to be false by investigators” as “percentage of reports that were actually false.” Some women may simply have recanted to disengage from the system. Some police officers may decide a case was false when it wasn’t. On the other hand, we also know that false accusations can make their way through the system pretty far — witness the Duke lacrosse players and Brian Banks. Eight percent is on the high end? Feminists claim two percent and men’s rights activist groups claim 41 percent. Looks like someone knows how to use Google and Wikipedia.
        3. Rather than mustering up an ounce of sympathy? These were my exact words: “I sincerely apologize if it actually happened, because that would be terrible…”
        4. You don’t know shit about my moral convictions, so go fuck yourself.

        6 years ago at 10:36 am
      7. FriggidaFriggidaFriggidaFratDaddy

        1. I would agree with you if you simply said that people shouldn’t jump to conclusions about these guys; however, you took it a step further and heavily implied that the victim was lying, which is exactly what someone would do if they were defending the alleged rapists.
        2. You’re correct insofar as there is an area the shade of grey with respect to reports that were officially found to be false by investigators and reports where the guilt of the alleged rapist could not be determined, but to include the latter in false accusation reports would be speculation, which is one of the many reasons why 8% is a credible estimate of false reports. I will also concede that feminists claim incredibly low percentages, while men’s groups claim egregiously high percentages; both groups are biased. But police reports and the Cambridge Law Journal corroborate a figure around 8%.
        3. After dedicating the overwhelming majority of your comment to the defense of these guys, you added in a sincere line that could conveniently cover your ass if it is proven that she’s telling the truth, or maybe I was wrong and you did express a modicum of sympathy. Good on you?
        4. The “you don’t know me” argument is a copout and roughly translates to, “don’t use my own words to deduce my actual beliefs.”
        5. The intent of my comment was to emphasize the importance of sympathizing with the victim first, rather than immediately assuming that her story is false based on bullshit men’s rights stats.

        6 years ago at 1:25 pm
      8. snobro

        I would love to know how Cambridge Law Journal projected that 8% figure. Ever heard of the phrase garbage in, garbage out? It applies to CLJ’s calculations. Either way, I do believe that most alleged victims don’t lie. However, I know one person who was falsely accused of rape when he wasn’t even in the same state when the now disproved crime allegedly occurred. So, I have to go by what my experience has been and say that no one should jump to conclusions until the facts have been established.

        I don’t have hard statistics but even if there were reliable numbers – which I don’t think can be calculated – out there that point towards 92% of rape allegations being true, that still leaves 8% of people who are falsely accused. That’s a huge number of guys to automatically throw under the bus.

        6 years ago at 7:43 pm
      9. Lena Dunham TfeministM

        You need to CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE!
        Do you have ANY idea how many Malaysian boys were exploited in a sweat shop to make you fun shirt?

        6 years ago at 6:42 am
      10. Shibby

        Slightly less than the number of Malaysian boys who were exploited in Dorn’s basement.

        6 years ago at 9:53 am
      11. thebearjew

        If you are on this website “check your privilege” shouldn’t be in your vocabulary.

        6 years ago at 11:58 am
    2. PhiPsiPhrat

      If they are found guilty, I’d be fine with erasing them from our history, permanently.

      6 years ago at 5:57 pm
    3. Conrad the Constitution

      Dear Whiskey Ginger,
      Let us agree to disagree. I do not agree with drawing my whiteknight e-gent sword against these SAE brothers based upon a mere accusation by “Jackie”. However, I will agree with you if the following IF’s occur:
      1. IF “Jackie” files a police report and cooperates with a police investigation.
      2. IF a Grand Jury returns an indictment.
      3. IF a Jury finds them guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
      4. IF any guilty verdict by a jury survives appellate review.
      Until proven true, an accusation is considered false. I am not willing to throw these SAE brothers under the bus based upon an alleged accusation written in a left leaning publication that glamorized the Boston Bomber and is known to have gone after critics of the Obama administration.
      Imagine how easy it would be for someone at Rolling Stone with an axe to grind against the Greek system and your employer to fabricate a story about an innocent girl of 19 who decided to stop by the Grandex office on a Friday afternoon to apply for an a writing job and was gang raped by the staff and the interns.

      I can imagine what you would say if it was 2010 and this story was about some Blue Devil lacrosse players accused of gang raping a woman at a party. You may recall that the Attorney General of North Carolina held a press conference in which he declared that all of those young men were INNOCENT.
      Thank you for taking the time to read this.

      6 years ago at 6:47 pm
      1. Whiskey_Ginger

        Conrad, kindly go fuck yourself. You and your Return of Kings fellating buddies can fuck back off to that site. You want to tacitly defend rape and/or assume that there are a high percentage of women reporting fake sexual assaults, do it somewhere where you’ll be among cretins like yourself that appreciate it.

        6 years ago at 11:56 pm
      2. Lena Dunham TfeministM

        Way to Go Whiskey Giner,
        You seem to be the only man with BALLS on this site.
        Misogyny doesn’t stand a chance with Social Justice warriors like you.
        Remember, womyn are to ALWAYS be believed and MYN are liars.

        ps. I love your photo, we should go listen to some Indie music and have a cup of coffee sometime. I know this place next to the comic book store that makes a great cup of gluten free caffeine.

        6 years ago at 6:05 am
      3. Sleazy Asshole

        And you can fuck off to this website since you want to tacitly accuse men of a very serious crime based on an accusation, and are a non-believer in due process, something for which our ancestors fought and died.

        6 years ago at 10:41 am
      4. lions_cherry1856

        What ΣΑΕ brothers are you talking about? I thought the article said ΦΚΨ?

        6 years ago at 9:40 am
    4. TheFratanicVerses

      Whiskey Ginger…NF, I thought this was America we have thing called the Bill of Rights and due process. Quit trying to appeal to Gender Studies Majors, no one here is going to fellate you.

      6 years ago at 8:44 pm
      1. Lena Dunham TfeministM

        Whiskey Giner,
        You are SO brave, my White Knight in shining Social Justice armor!

        6 years ago at 9:21 pm
    5. thebearjew

      The same exact thing happened at my school. This girl cried rape at some brothers of one of our fraternities and some football players. The New York Times, being the pieces of shit that they are, took the story and twisted it and dramatized it without hearing from both sides. This of corse led to my amazing school being demonized and it whipped every retard who reads that garbage into a frenzy of pointing their fingers at all greek life yelling “RAPISTS!!”. It was later found that she lied and did the same exact thing at her prep school. There was no mention of this from the New York Times and my school now has a terrible reputation thanks to those cocksuckers. For all we know this girl could be doing the same thing. After all is said and done and she is found to be a liar I guarantee there will neither be anyone to help the greeks get back on their feet nor will the girl be brought to justice. This of corse is all hypothetical and the allegations may well be true, but I just hope people are smart enough this time around not to jump on the bandwagon and to view the incident with more scrutiny and to do research on both sides of the story.

      6 years ago at 11:03 am
      1. NathanJ

        Let me guess – you are talking about Hobart and William Smith. Lol. So she made up the rape kit trauma, confirming that she had been gang raped? She made up the witness who saw the rape? She made up the PTSD diagnosis? The reporter made up the documentation that the accused had changed stories multiple times? The reporter made up the horrible questioning of the panel? That one of the panelists asked her whether he had sex with her or whether his penis was just inside her? All made up you say?

        Maybe the same thing happened in high school cause she was RAPED in high school? Ever think of that?

        I know Anna, and I am aware of what went down at Hobart. I saw her slide into suicidal PTSD after her assault (cause you know, fake victims do that). I also know that a TON of students are supporting her on campus. You’re a rape apologist douchebag. Hell, maybe you’re even a rapist douchebag.

        6 years ago at 1:56 pm
      2. NathanJ

        p.s. If Anna really ‘cried’ rape, as you put it, and it was ‘proven’ she lied, LOL, don’t you think the university would have put out a statement calling the article false? I mean seriously dude, think for a second. You’re resorting to hysterical statements and claims that aren’t based in any kind logic.

        6 years ago at 1:58 pm
    6. Lacemup Takealap

      Dude, you need to step back and think logically. No one on earth is going to defend rape. Ever. Rape is an awful, horrible thing and no one should ever experience it.

      However, so is being falsely accused of rape. That shit ruins lives. In case you have forgotten, go back and read the entire Wikipedia page on the “Duke Rape Case.” It is fucking infuriating.

      What those innocent young men experienced was life altering and it was a disgusting display by the United States justice system. Their lives will never be the same, and that is some horrifyingly sad shit.

      I will never condone rape, or rape culture, but being fair to everyone involved is the only way to stop rape culture from spreading more than it already has.

      6 years ago at 11:28 am
  7. M_Eagle

    Sick of this shit. Rape happens fucking everywhere. Doesn’t make it okay, but certainly doesn’t make it Greeks’ collective fault.

    6 years ago at 4:20 pm
    1. eoufratdaddy

      Bullshit girls lie about that shit all the time because having a high number is bad in their mind set.

      6 years ago at 2:39 am
  8. AMDG

    It takes a Rolling Stone article to incite a bunch of hipsters, who want to prove a message, by vandalizing. This whole “rape culture” happens everywhere and needs to be stopped. Other than that, fuck these guys.

    6 years ago at 4:27 pm
  9. dirtydog1899

    Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty… I can say I banged Kate Upton, is it true no, Little girl cries rape is it true? Maybe, maybe not.

    6 years ago at 4:49 pm
    1. Sleazy Asshole

      When “rape” happens, it’s guilty until proven innocent. Girls nowadays think that if they got drunk one night and woke up in bed with a guy in a fraternity house that was also drunk, then they were “raped.” Sorry girls, you were just being sluts. (Nothing against sluts) Bring on the laps, fembots.

      6 years ago at 4:58 pm
      1. Bobby Wallets

        I was gonna up this until you lost confidence in yourself with the last line. Also this is tfm not jezebel, there’s no fembots here.

        6 years ago at 5:14 pm
      2. Sleazy Asshole

        I said that with the hopes that it would go viral and those ugly dykes would make accounts to bitch about it.

        6 years ago at 5:56 pm
      3. eoufratdaddy

        I’ve gotten accused of this. Had sex with a girl when I was shitfaced, girl begged me for sex for weeks afterwards and I said no, she was one of those pretty when your drunk type of girls. This year I got called in to the dean’s office being accused of sexual assault. She started posting shit on Facebook telling people I raped her. Long story short 3 weeks ago my lawyer filled a defamation of character suit and will be suing her and her family for $150,000. Save all texts from bitches, I did and I’m about to have a shit ton of beer money coming my way.

        6 years ago at 2:35 am
      4. Sleazy Asshole

        Good for you man. Women need to understand the gravity and seriousness of a false accusation. I have heard so many girls say that they were raped. When I ask what happened, every story is the same. “We were at a party making out in a room, I took my pants off and he started fingering me, beta ex-boyfriend sends her angry texts slut-shaming me, he raped me.” After you win, I doubt that she will be hurling any false accusations just because a guy rejected her.

        6 years ago at 8:48 am
    2. betalovesnickleback

      I get your point but if you say you rape someone that’s would prove you guilty by admitting it

      6 years ago at 5:14 pm