Top TFM TV Characters: Part 2

TEXAS—For part 2 of the ever-important analytical breakdown of TFM TV characters we will consider the possibility that I may have left out some fratstars in part 1, and include characters from classic TV shows. For all of you that were hurt and/or offended by the omission of characters you felt deserved recognition, I sincerely apologize. This will be a longer, more thorough rundown. Enjoy it.

Ari Gold- Entourage

Even though this fast talking Hebrew turned down the executive job and Gulf-stream jet, he definitely receives an honorable mention. I’m pretty sure last season his slampiece left him after he dropped 100 K to have Christina Aguilera sing for her, but I digress. For each character there are arguments for why he is or isn’t FaF. Please, don’t stroke out. It is a fun list: for fun.

“What frat would have you?” – Ari Gold

Ari hazes Josh Weinstein:

    1. Paul Hazinger

      This guy writes columns like I blow coke: only every now and then, but when I do, it’s a success.

      14 years ago at 4:01 am
  1. Brole Haan

    The picture of Zack Morris looks like he is eating a cookie in the shape of a dick. NF

    14 years ago at 4:03 am
    1. Littleton Waller Hazewell

      If you’re fraternity isn’t being talked about, you’re doing something wrong. Take Brosiden for example, you classless geed.

      14 years ago at 6:13 am
  2. Rooster Cogburn

    wheres buck strickland? wheres roger sterling? and damnit where is the nature boy Ric Flair? and how about the banks family {minus wil}?

    14 years ago at 4:40 am
    1. Rooster Cogburn

      man i love the idea but being a pro athlete leaves man “yeah, but” asshole to disregardcuz people will be anti any black athlete. and that leaves mostly NFL/NCAA stars in football, maybe a couple in baseball but they all wear flatbills or can speak english. disregards any euro soccer it will be andy roddick, half the NFL qbs, every major PGA member and thats all i can think of…BUT matt bonner does wear 993s during actual games so…

      14 years ago at 12:58 am
    2. Rooster Cogburn

      other than john Elway & favre, magic johnson {wikipedia him to find out why] peyton and tom as well as rivers, brees. golfers and roddick. maybe some olympians. maybe cliff lee? lebron transcends being frat like all of us, weekly conference call with buffett and jay z..thats FaFaF can get.

      14 years ago at 1:05 am