VIDEO: Hot Blonde Destroys GDI In Debate Over The Alabama Alpha Phi Recruitment Video

GDI Gets Destroyed By Hot Blonde On Fox News Over The Alabama Alpha Phi Video

Just last week, Alabama Alpha Phi dropped a fire recruitment video that showcased all of their hot members. The video caught a lot of criticism in the national media for portraying women in the wrong light, because it was objectifying. Take a look at some of the comments one writer had to say about it:

It’s all so racially and aesthetically homogeneous and forced, so hyper-feminine, so reductive and objectifying, so Stepford Wives: College Edition. It’s all so … unempowering.

The writer would also compare the recruitment video to Trump’s words on Megyn Kelly during the Republican debate. From the comparison, you’d think that this video is going to set women all the way back to the times before they could vote. Due to the controversy, Alpha Phi has removed the video from YouTube.

On a recent FOX News segment, two female contributors, Katherine Timpf (who is Greek) and Carrie Sheffield (who isn’t Greek), were asked if Alpha Phi crossed the line with the video. While Sheffield doesn’t see a problem with the video, she uses the video as an opportunity to bash Greek life as a whole. Katherine shuts her down quick.

Carrie, if you’re going to come at the Greek community, you better not miss. Katherine just wiped the floor with your argument and then poured gasoline on it and lit it on fire for good measure.

Shut it down. This argument is over. Game. Set. Match.


  1. Bluto_Brotarsky

    Keep in mind that as a sorority recruitment video, the primary audience is incoming freshmen women. The only ones who are going to feel objectified are the ones who are going to be rejected and who damned well know it.

    5 years ago at 10:10 am
    1. Denzel FRATington

      You have to remember that Carrie went to Harvard and was involved in secret societies/ final clubs. There was a certain snobbery in her comments, i.e., I went to Harvard and we were smart and academic and debated Kierkegaard while you idiots were shotgunning beers.

      5 years ago at 1:27 pm
      1. Fratasaurus

        Tagging off the top comment, but its acceptable since thats the blond reporter. I guess some important people do look at this shitty website.

        5 years ago at 6:03 pm
  2. Creamery

    That lady in is unqualified to comment on this non-issue seeing as she has NEVER been to school with Greek life.

    5 years ago at 10:12 am
    1. Texan_Brolo

      It’s funny how she said that Harvard doesn’t have greek life, when they in fact do. Hell I’ve visited brothers there, so lady in green tell me again that they don’t have greek life.

      5 years ago at 10:48 am
      1. Southern Gentleman

        Harvard does not recognize any Greek life, and while there are some unofficial chapters, Harvard’s Final Clubs dominate the social scene. So, you’re both right. But yeah, fuck this bitch.

        5 years ago at 10:56 am
      2. P.G.T Beauregard

        They do have “chapters” but since the school doesn’t recognize our national doesnt “recognize” them. It’s a hush hush thing

        5 years ago at 10:56 am
    2. Nattysaurusrex

      To say that a school does not have greek life is crazy. There are still secret clubs and groups there for students to live the fratty lifestyle without having an official chapter on campus. Just because it is not actually greek, the same clubs are still in place.

      5 years ago at 10:40 am
  3. Carl Pelini

    Carrie is the reason why everyone is generalizing greek life. People don’t know their facts. Katherine did a great job.

    5 years ago at 10:14 am
    1. BSmith

      I was honestly disappointed that the debate didn’t go on longer, Katherine was barely warming up to really hit the good points!

      5 years ago at 10:35 am
      1. Ron_Paul_2016

        She didn’t even have to pull out her ace in the hole and talk about community service and philanthropy.

        5 years ago at 1:26 pm
    2. fratsohardUn1versity

      She openly admits she’s not arguing about the video but about Greek LIfe. I was like how dumb can this bitch be she literally just admitted she will present us with biased logic and arguments. Even worse she uses arguments like tax dollars…like really? And kept saying the data shows. Bitch what data are you talking about. One annoyed me most is the people complaining about lack of diversity. Only something being “too white” is “racist” How is that racist or homophobic. I do not see any victimization of any minority in the video or promoting of any sort of discrimination. They are just offended cause its “too white” making them the racists ones. P.S. code words like diversity and anit-racists are often used to hide and justify anti white rhetoric

      5 years ago at 5:44 pm
    3. djg

      Dumb girl was connecting Pell grants and tax dollars. Pell grants are need based. If you qualify you can get one. Her tax dollars aren’t subsidizing shit.

      5 years ago at 9:55 pm
  4. geed_N_proud

    honestly all these fuckers always complaining just need to find a hobby to keep from getting offended to all this random shit that doesn’t matter. Like a sorority at a college is of absolutely zero concern to national news. Go fuck knit a sweater or something.

    5 years ago at 10:23 am
  5. StokersBone

    As soon as Fox news pronounces Alpha Phi correctly then maybe, just maybe, I might consider them as a credible news source.

    5 years ago at 10:24 am
      1. DillonChereveve

        I tried twice, dipshit. Just like your mom when she tried to make me cum first.

        5 years ago at 10:31 am